Source code for fluidlab.instruments.powersupply.hp_6653a


.. autoclass:: HP_6653A


__all__ = ["HP_6653A"]

from fluidlab.instruments.iec60488 import (

from fluidlab.instruments.features import SuperValue

[docs]class HP_6653A( IEC60488, PowerOn, Calibration, Trigger, ObjectIdentification, StoredSetting ): """ A driver for the power supply HP_6653A """
class HPFloatValue(SuperValue): def __init__( self, name, doc="", unit_str="", command_set=None, command_get=None ): super().__init__(name, doc=doc) self.unit_str = unit_str self.command_set = command_set self.command_get = command_get def set(self, value): self._interface.write(self.command_set + " " + str(value)) def get(self): data = self._interface.query(self.command_get) return float(data) class HPBoolValue(SuperValue): def __init__(self, name, doc="", command_set=None): super().__init__(name, doc=doc) self.command_set = command_set def set(self, value): if value: value = 1 elif not value: value = 0 self._interface.write(self.command_set + " " + str(value)) features = [ HPFloatValue( "vdc", doc="set voltage setup value in Volts, reads the programmed voltage command, reads the value from sense terminals", unit_str="V", command_set="VOLT", # command_get='VOLT?'), command_get="MEAS:VOLT?", ), HPFloatValue( "idc", doc="set current setup value in Amps, reads the programmed current command, reads the value from sense terminals", unit_str="A", command_set="CURR", # command_get='CURR?', command_get="MEAS:CURR?", ), HPFloatValue( "vmax", doc="set over-voltage value in Volts", unit_str="V", command_set="VOLT:PROT", command_get="VOLT:PROT?", ), HPFloatValue( "imax", doc="set over-current value in Amps", unit_str="A", command_set="CURR:PROT", command_get="CURR:PROT?", ), HPBoolValue( "onoff", doc="set on or off the power supply", command_set="OUTP" ), ] HP_6653A._build_class_with_features(features)