Experiment classes

session Experiment session (fluidlab.exp.session)
octavesession Read older Octave-based experiment session (fluidlab.exp.octavesession)


Beware, most of the modules of this package (those listed below) are depreciated and will be at least rewritten with other base class.

Physically, an experiment consists in interacting objects. The experimentalist wants to control the actions of the objects with a good control in space and time and in a reproducible way. The results are then some measurements about the studied physical phenomenon produced by the measuring objects. Usually, after the experiment has been set up, it is repeted a number of times in order to vary some parameters.

A experimental set-up is represented in FluidDyn by a class derived from the class fluidlab.exp.base.Experiment. The experiment class has attributes that represent the physical objects interacting in the experimental set-up (composition).

Each realisation of the experimental set-up (with a particular set of parameters) is represented by an instance of the experiment class. Each experiment (each realisation) is associated with a directory.

This package provides:

  • some modules defining classes to represent base experiments:
base Base Experiments (fluidlab.exp.base)
withtank Experiments with a tank (fluidlab.exp.withtank)
withconductivityprobe Exp with a conductivity probe (fluidlab.exp.withconductivityprobe)
  • a package with classes representing Taylor-Couette experiments:
taylorcouette Taylor-Couette experiments
doublediffusion Experiments on double diffusion (fluidlab.exp.doublediffusion)
vertduct Experiments with a vertical duct (fluidlab.exp.vertduct)