Source code for fluiddoc.ipynb_maker

"""Handle ipython notebooks (:mod:`fluiddoc.ipynb_maker`)

.. autofunction:: execute_notebooks

.. autofunction:: ipynb_to_rst


import os
import subprocess
from datetime import datetime
from glob import glob
from pathlib import Path

def modification_date(filename):
    t = os.path.getmtime(filename)
    return datetime.fromtimestamp(t)

def call_bash(commands):["/bin/bash", "-c", commands])

[docs] def execute_notebooks(path_dir): """Execute notebooks in a directory""" paths_ipynb = Path(path_dir).glob("*.ipynb") paths_ipynb = [ path for path in paths_ipynb if not".executed.ipynb") ] for path in paths_ipynb: path_executed = path.with_suffix(".executed.ipynb") if not os.path.exists(path_executed) or modification_date( path ) > modification_date(path_executed): call_bash( "jupyter-nbconvert --ExecutePreprocessor.timeout=200 " + f"--to notebook --execute {path} --output={}" )
[docs] def ipynb_to_rst(path="ipynb", executed=None): """Convert notebooks to rst files If the user does not specify that the notebooks have already been executed, they are executed with jupyter-nbconvert before the conversion to rst files. """ paths_ipynb = glob(path + "/*.ipynb") paths_ipynb = [ path for path in paths_ipynb if not path.endswith(".nbconvert.ipynb") ] paths_ipynb_executed = [] for filepath in paths_ipynb: if executed: try: executed[0] except TypeError: paths_ipynb_executed.append(filepath) continue else: nfile = os.path.split(filepath)[-1] if nfile in executed: paths_ipynb_executed.append(filepath) continue basename = os.path.splitext(filepath)[0] ipynb_executed = basename + ".nbconvert.ipynb" paths_ipynb_executed.append(ipynb_executed) if not os.path.exists(ipynb_executed) or modification_date( filepath ) > modification_date(ipynb_executed): call_bash( "jupyter-nbconvert --ExecutePreprocessor.timeout=200 " "--to notebook --execute " + filepath ) for filepath in paths_ipynb_executed: basename = os.path.splitext(os.path.splitext(filepath)[0])[0] rstpath = basename + ".rst" rstname = os.path.split(rstpath)[-1] if not os.path.exists(rstpath): has_to_be_compiled = True else: d_ipynb = modification_date(filepath) d_rst = modification_date(rstpath) if d_ipynb > d_rst: has_to_be_compiled = True else: has_to_be_compiled = False if has_to_be_compiled: call_bash( "jupyter-nbconvert --to rst " + filepath + " --output " + rstname )