FluidDyn development

Discussions on the development of the FluidDyn packages take place in the FluidDyn developer chat room.

For FluidDyn, we use the revision control software Mercurial and our main repositories are hosted here: https://foss.heptapod.net/fluiddyn.

Heptapod is a friendly fork of GitLab Community Edition supporting Mercurial. https://foss.heptapod.net is a public instance for Free and Open-Source Software (more information here).

Thanks to Octobus and Clever Cloud for providing this service!

Octobus + Clever Cloud

If you are new with Mercurial and Heptapod, you should read this short tutorial:


We wrote a specific Mercurial extension for FluidDyn development called hg-fluiddyn. All FluidDyn contributors / developers / maintainers should install and activate it! We explain here how to do that.

Few important coding tips

  • Always use a good Python editor! Indentation has to be handle automatically for you (you should never count the spaces) and you have to have tips from flake8. We use and recommend FOSS editors like Spyder, Visual Studio Code, Vim or Emacs. For the two last solutions, a good configuration is mandatory.

  • Use the Python code formatter black with the command make black.

  • It is usually a good practice to run the unittests before committing (see the Makefile of each repositories).

fluiddevops: a tool to handle the FluidDyn repositories (will be depreciated)

We present a tool to handle the different FluidDyn repositories.