The first step to install the fluiddyn packages is to get Python (>=3.9). We discuss different methods in this page:

From the Python Package Index

FluidDyn can be installed from the Python Package Index by the command:

pip install fluiddyn

This installs Fluiddyn and its hard dependencies (numpy, matplotlib, h5py, h5netcdf, psutil, simpleeval).

FluidDyn also used some other packages for some particular tasks, as in particular Scipy. Since it can be difficult to install them for some small hardware, they are not considered as hard dependencies.

Fluiddyn has few sets of optional dependencies (fft, mpi, sht, full), which can be installed with commands like

pip install fluiddyn[full]

From the repository

pip install fluiddyn@hg+

From the conda-forge index

conda install fluiddyn
# or
mamba install fluiddyn