util Toolkit (fluiddyn.util.util)
paramcontainer Container for parameters (fluiddyn.util.paramcontainer)
constants Constants (fluiddyn.util.constants)
query Utilities to query (fluiddyn.util.query)
timer Clocking timer (fluiddyn.util.timer)
daemons Daemons (fluiddyn.util.daemons)
signal Simple operations on signals (fluiddyn.util.signal)
logger Logger sending emails (fluiddyn.util.logger)
userconfig User configuration (fluiddyn.util.userconfig)
terminal_colors Terminal color codes (fluiddyn.util.terminal_colors)
serieofarrays Serie of arrays (fluidlab.postproc.serieofarrays)


config_logging([level, name, file]) Configure a logging with a particular level and output file.
create_object_from_file(str_path, *args, ...) Create an object from a file.
run_from_ipython() Check whether the code is run from Ipython.
time_as_str([decimal]) Return a string coding the time.


Params Minimalist object to store some parameters.