Input/output streams

Loading data from files and saving data to files are very common tasks. However, we can loose a lot of time with silly problems. This subpackage provides utilities for input/output to different file formats:

binary IO for binary files (fluiddyn.io.binary)
txt IO for text files (fluiddyn.io.txt)
mycsv IO for csv files (fluiddyn.io.mycsv)
hdf5 IO for HDF5 files (fluiddyn.io.hdf5)
digiflow IO for Digiflow files (fluiddyn.io.digiflow)
dantec IO for Dantec files (fluiddyn.io.dantec)
multitiff IO for multitiff files (fluiddyn.io.multitiff)
in_py IO for python files containing data (fluiddyn.io.in_py)
redirect_stdout Redirect stdoutput (fluiddyn.io.redirect_stdout)
dump dump file utility (fluiddyn.io.dump)

To define environment variables, use something like (on *unix systems, in the terminal or in your .bashrc):

export FLUIDSIM_PATH="/fsnet/project/meige/2015/15DELDUCA/DataSim"